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Beloved Wool Quilt – Australian King Size

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Beloved Wool Quilt – Aumore Wool Queen Size

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Beloved Wool Quilt – Aumore Wool King Size

AUD$ 542.00AUD$ 559.00

Wholesale Australian Wool Quilts Online

Australia experiences a unique climate. The country is vast, and the weather is varied. That’s why Australians have found their distinct way of sleeping comfortably every night — Australian wool quilts.

Australian wool is a naturally derived product with natural breathability and heat-regulating properties. At Aumore Wool, we provide wholesale Australian wool quilts online that keep you comfortable all night.

The wool fibres of our products allow air to flow freely, thereby retaining your body heat and releasing heat and moisture through the fibres. Thus, you feel warm, nice and cosy within the quilt.

Sleep soundly year-round by wrapping yourself around in the soft warmth of Australian wool. The natural temperature-regulating properties of these quilts keep you and your family cool in the summer and warm during winter.


What Makes Australian Wool Quilts Unique?

Wool is not meant only for the winter! The outstanding natural characteristics of wool allow it to keep us comfortable all year round. Quality is a primary reason that makes Australian wool a huge favourite globally today. Aumore Wool brings you easily washable and easy-to-care-for Australian wool quilts.

Wool is a significant facet of Australia’s culture. The fine wool produced in Australia is popularly considered the best in the world. Buy wholesale Australian wool quilts online for the ‘fresh bed’ feel. At Aumore Wool, we use carbonised wool to maintain its purity. Give the quilt a shake to restore lofts and maintain longevity.

  • 100% Natural & Renewable:
    Wool is a completely natural fibre. At Aumore Wool, we use Poll Dorset Downs wool for our under blankets and quilts. Poll Dorset is one of Australia’s most common Downs breeds and is very springy compared to other wools.
  • Naturally Temperature Regulating:
    Aumore Wool uses high-quality, naturally breathable wool, highly insulating and reactive to changes in body temperature. It draws moisture away from the body and helps you stay comfortable throughout the year. Thus, our quilts keep you cool in the summer season and warm and dry during winter.
  • Quality & Compliance:
    Our Australian wool quilts are Australian-grown and certified, and Woolmark standard-approved. This marks the compliance and quality of the wool. Wool is commonly sheared from the Poll Dorsett sheep breed from the sheep’s middle (the best part) to ensure high loft and exceptional quality.

When you purchase Australian wool quilts, you support the local wool farming communities. Try Australian wool quilts from Aumore Wool, and experience the many benefits of sleeping in wool.


Why Purchase Quilts from Aumore Wool?

Aumore Wool has earned considerable fame in the regional market for selecting quality wool for all its products. We ensure consistent deliveries. Our experts possess industry knowledge and can recommend and supply you with wool precisely for your purpose.

We are known for our —

  • Exceptional Products:
    We combine state-of-art technologies with skilled human hands to upgrade our luxury products to improve your quality of life. Our products are ultra comfortable and lightweight. They suit all styles of sleepers.
  • Quality Assurance:
    All our wool is certified by the official industry body Woolmark. The superior fibres of our wool are of maximum density and length. That’s why our products are more natural and healthy compared to other processed wool.
  • Australian-made:
    We focus on even the minutest variations and details in quality. Our products are made from wool that is sourced from the best wool farms across Australia. You can rest assured that you are getting nothing short of the highest quality Australian wool products available in the market.