Wool is a very special product that has helped humanity in numerous ways for many generations. If used with care and cleaned properly, it is extremely long lasting.



Human beings have slept beneath blankets for thousands of years – blankets made from various materials ranging from animal hides, to natural fibres, to ‘man-made’ substances.

Aumore Wool wholeheartedly believes wool blankets are the finest blankets in the world, and we’ve made it our mission to design and produce the most premium quality wool underblankets to have ever existed.

100% Australian – Certified
The wool for Aumore Wool’s underblankets is sourced from one of the only suppliers in Australia who can truly guarantee its wool is certified 100% Australian. Sourced from this highly reputable wool processor in Adelaide, South Australia, this wool has the privilege of being valid for the Australia – USA Free Trade Agreement.

Soft Yet Supportive Wools
Our wool underblankets are comprised of a combination of wool from Downs and Merino sheep. Downs wool is famous for being the ‘steel spring of wools’ – it’s incredibly supportive, while Merino wool is known to be the ‘gold of wools’, as it’s amazingly soft to the touch.

Single Layer, Thick Pile Woollen Underblankets
Our wool underblankets are comprised of a combination of wool from Downs and Aumore Wool underblankets use 2.2kg of wool per square metre. After trialling a number of different weights, we believe this is the perfect thickness for our underblankets. It’s thicker than other brands on the market, but not too thick – any thicker and you’d be experiencing medical underblankets designed to alleviate bedsores in bed-ridden patients.

Many wool underblankets have two layers of wool, as their wool pile is not thick enough to produce a blanket with an even single layer of thick pile. This means their underblankets are unable to be washed. Aumore wool underblankets can be washed in the bathtub, and as wool is made of Keratin protein like human hair, a basic shampoo and conditioner can be used. Simply dry on low heat after you complete the washing. Unlike wool underblankets solely bound together by glue, our non-damaging heat-setting process ensures no shrinking will occur.

Safety and Longevity
The wools used on top and inside of Aumore’s underblankets are of the highest grade. The outer woollen layer is scoured and combed in a 100% natural cleaning process, while the inner wool fill has been carbonised, washed, and tested to be safe enough for infants. Aumore’s underblankets can literally last forever. We’ve seen wool blankets that have lasted 30 years without experiencing any problems. This is because Aumore’s wool is incredibly strong, as well as being decidedly safe for human use.

Did you know premature babies are often laid down to sleep upon woollen sheepskin? The infants gain weight faster, and their survival rate is higher than babies who were not provided this same amenity. Why then add chemicals and risk the safety of our families? The answer lies in the fact many wool underblanket producers’ wool is frankly not premium quality wool.

Never Yellowed or Heat-Affected
Premium quality wool underblankets use a heat-set yarn layer to ensure the wool cannot be pulled out, and makes sure the underblanket can never lose its shape. This process reduces the potential shrink factor from 5% to almost zero. This layer is then cured in a unique infrared oven, which is gas-fired, but only on one side. The result is wool that has kept its natural off-white colour, as opposed to becoming yellow like other heat-affected wool underblankets subject to an all-encompassing heated air process. Even worse, some other wool underblankets only use glue and do not heat set their underblankets at all.

Why wool underblankets?

Wool is a very special product that has helped humanity in numerous ways for many generations. If used with care and cleaned properly, it is extremely long lasting. Wool underblankets breathe and keep you dry while being warm in winter and cool in summer. These underblankets actually regulate your body temperature.

Did you know Airbus and Boeing airplane pilots cover their seats with wool on long-haul flights as wool has been proven to reduce fatigue and stress? Pilots in World War Two wore woollen gloves, jackets, and had woollen seats for their non-heated airplanes. Members of military Special Forces wear woollen layers because it reduces bacteria that produce body odour. Wool socks are renown for drastically reducing foot odour. In the old days, fire fighters were known to wear water soaked wool trousers and jumpers, as wet wool doesn’t burn. Even dry wool only burns at 500 degrees Celsius – sheep in Australia have been known to survive bushfires – they were blackened, but not killed.

Aumore wool underblankets aim to become the new standard in Australian wool excellence. Aumore feels it is time this great natural material is pushed to the next level of its evolution, with the ultimate goal being the pinnacle of global wool eminence.

Wool Underblankets
Sleeping with an Aumore wool underblanket in winter can be the equivalent of a bear hibernating in a cave. Can you imagine anything as snug, or as all encompassing in loving warmth? Aumore’s premium quality wool underblankets are designed to provide ultimate comfort and to last for a very, very long time.

Perfect Wool Density
There are numerous factors setting Aumore wool underblankets apart from the rest. First of all, the Woolmark standard for wool density is 370 grams per square metre. Aumore uses 570 grams per square metre, because after extensive testing we came to believe the latter level of density is perfect for a great night’s sleep.

Our wool underblankets are double-sided, with a woollen side comprised of Dorset Downs wool and Merino wool, and a fabric side made of 100% down-proof cotton. This means you can use the underblanket for all seasons – picture a Kodiak bear sleeping snugly in her warm summer cave.

Aumore’s Special Middle Layer of Comfort
Inside of the underblanket is an extra layer of carded wool, placed in the same way as we lay our wool inside of our quilts. This extra woollen layer is 350 grams per metre squared, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another wool underblanket with this special section of additional comfort. It is placed by hand to ensure it sits truly even, and the entire underblanket is designed for its weight to be distributed equally across the sleeper’s body. Once placed inside, a sewing machine sews sections to ensure the wool always stays evenly spread.

Speaking of animals, our wool is not attached to the sheep’s skin because Aumore does not want to support any industry that kills animals. Aumore’s underblanket wool is woven together to create a specific density. This is because when the wool is natural (as worn by the sheep), we find it doesn’t have the density your body requires for ultimate comfort. We use 1.5cm long surface wool fibres – longer than you’ll find on most other wool underblankets.

Cotton Comfort
The 100% down-proof cotton layer is a very tough fabric that is incredibly hard to tear, but as it’s so thin, it’s proved to be extremely comfortable. ‘Down-proof’ means when used next to sharp and pointy down feathers, this cotton fabric still won’t tear.

The flexible skirt around the underblanket stretches to fit the mattress just as a mattress protector does, and it fits well whether you’re lying on the woollen side, or on the fabric side of the underblanket. It’s very stretchy material, but it keeps its shape well.

Additional Benefits
Aumore wool underblankets have very little smell, and if there is any, it’s only the soft natural smell of wool. Our wool definitely does not have a strong chemical odour often found on cheaper woollen underblankets.

Our wool underblankets are non-allergenic because they are very well weaved. The fibres do not fall off easily. You’d need to take considerable effort to pull them off of the underblanket.

Wool is much less flammable than other natural fibres, and it doesn’t get mould or mildew very easily, although it retains the perfect amount of moisture necessary to maintain body temperature. This moisture also ensures no small dry wool fibres can float away like dust particles.

Finally, wool doesn’t stain easily because of its natural lanolin coating, so spills and smells can be easily removed. If there is a better underblanket in the world, please tell us, because we’d like to see it!

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