Aumore wool is carbonised to ensure purity, which also means the original colour of the wool is retained. You’ll never see different coloured wool through the cotton quilt cover. We go so far as to prove this by placing a zipper on the side of each quilt, so you can touch the wool yourself.



At Aumore Wool, our wool quilts are designed and created around the idea that sleep should be a lovingly comfortable experience. Human beings spend one third of their lives asleep.

With this in mind, we have taken wool quilts to the pinnacle of comfort, and we’re continually evolving our products. We know perfection is a work in progress.

Over 50% of the Aumore quilt-making process is done by hand – the loving hands of skilled technicians. Machines are simply not as good as people when it comes to ensuring an even cover of wool within a quilt. However, when we do use machines (such as an industrial sewing machine), Aumore uses the most modern technologies available.

No thought has been spared when it comes to Aumore wool quilts.

Natural fibre
To create lovingly warm wool quilts, you need to source the highest quality wool for fill, as well as world-renowned cotton for the quilt’s cover. We have done just that. All Aumore quilts use Dorset Downs’ wool, and 100% cotton. This means if necessary Aumore quilts can be used without an external quilt cover. All you need is a fitted sheet, but even when sleeping naked the experience is designed to be comfortable. We love the feeling of soft cotton, quality weaving, thin edges, and smooth sewing when it touches our bare skin. If you’re as sensitive as we are, you’ll appreciate Aumore’s efforts!

Wool fill
Aumore sources its Dorset Downs’ wool from local Australian suppliers, which is reinforced by our ‘Australian grown’ certification and Woolmark standard approval. As this wool is only of the highest level of quality, there is a limited yield each year. This superior wool’s fibres are of maximum length and density, and when compared to lesser wools are natural and healthy because of lower amounts of lanolin.

Aumore wool is carbonised to ensure purity, which also means the original colour of the wool is retained. You’ll never see different coloured wool through the cotton quilt cover. We go so far as to prove this by placing a zipper on the side of each quilt, so you can touch the wool yourself.

This 32-micron Dorset Downs’ wool will not fly out of a quilt cover as shorter wool does. Each wool fibre is approximately 10cm long. Wool fibre length is important, especially if you have a baby or child. Small woollen fibres can be breathed in, as they may float around in the air like dust motes. For elderly people suffering arthritis, wool can help keep joints dry, plus regulate body temperature and moisture levels in wet weather.

Aumore will always tell you exactly how thick your quilt is (grams per metre squared), and we currently offer 3 different wool weights for you to choose from. Some people like more wool because of their cooler body temperature, while others have a preference for how heavy a quilt feels when laid on top of their body. Aumore quilt covers also have unique square-shaped pockets that keep the wool separated equally, so it can never bunch up together.

Aumore endeavours to ensure comfort in all ways possible. This is why we chose natural downs wool. As wool can hold moisture to regulate a sheep’s body temperature, so too can a downs wool cover resting upon two different people simultaneously regulate both of their temperatures, even if one person is hot and the other is cold. One of you cools down while the other warms up.

Cotton quilt covers
Aumore quilt covers are made of the best cottons available, including Extra Long Staple and Egyptian cottons, woven to be as soft and as smooth as silk. Thread count is an important aspect of a quilt cover’s fabric, but we also look at a range of other factors just as critical, such as yarn size, weave method, and the type of cotton being used.

It is all of these variables in their entirety that define a truly high quality fabric. Aumore never uses man-made materials like polyester or viscose. We only use natural materials, because our focus is on health as well as comfort. We don’t want any unnatural products touching the skin of our loved ones.

Combed cotton
Aumore uses combed cotton in our quilt covers. Combing cotton is a special process that causes the cotton to be softer, while simultaneously making the fabric’s weave stronger. The process also removes shorter cotton fibres and impurities resulting in a finer, more compact cotton. We do not use chemicals to soften up lower quality cottons and weaves. Once the cotton is combed, Aumore employs a very special weaving technique that together with longer woollen fibres ensures any wool coming through the fabric is a rare event.

Sewing and edges
Aumore quilt cover edges are designed to be small, thin, and unobtrusive. There is nothing worse than the thick edge of a quilt rubbing your sensitive neck just before falling asleep. This same principle applies to general sewing too. On Aumore quilt covers you cannot feel the sewn threads. This is because we use state-of-the-art sewing machines.

We’re able to sew inconspicuous seams because the wool fibres we use are longer. This means you can feel confident the wool won’t move around or escape through the quilt’s edges. Our sewing junctions (where one seam meets another) are perfect, which is also a rare occurrence. Aumore’s unique quilt cover tags are removable, and there are quilt holding straps located inside the quilt cover to ensure the quilt doesn’t move around.

Types of Aumore quilt covers

  • Longitude 128
  • Latitude 82
  • 100% Cotton (including 30% Egyptian Cotton)
  • 60s*40s
  • Yarn colour: White

Be ‘caressed’ into a great night’s sleep. The Aumore Wool Caress quilt uses Egyptian cotton – the finest cotton in the world, together with Dorset Downs wool – the best wool in the world for quilts, or ultra-soft alpaca fleece. The Caress’s cotton fabric and wool or alpaca fleece fill conform perfectly to your body – caressing you into a deep sleep. 30% of one side of the Caress’s quilt cover is Egyptian cotton, while the remainder is Long Staple Cotton, another type of rare high quality cotton. The Aumore Caress quilt cover feels very light, as its weight is evenly distributed. This is because its cotton is simply so soft and flexible.

  • Longitude 173
  • Latitude 156
  • 100% Long Staple Cotton
  • 60s*60s
  • Yarn colour: Printed Cream

Carissimi means ‘Dearest’ in Italian, and the Aumore Wool Carissimi Quilt is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. The Aumore Carissimi quilt’s cover is 100% Long Staple Cotton. This cotton fibre is of extraordinary length, and is known for its superior strength and consistency. It’s very rare (only being grown in 6 locations globally), makes up only 3% of world cotton production, and is seen as the ‘go-to cotton’ for luxury products produced by high-end brands. Its fibres are unusually silky and long. The Aumore ‘Carissimi’ quilt cover is a warm cream colour, like the colour of wool, and it feels just like silk.

  • Longitude 173
  • Latitude 156
  • 50% Egyptian Cotton and 50% Long Staple Cotton
  • 60s*60s
  • Yarn colour: Printed Cream

Your beloved is the one you love most in the world. When wrapped in an Aumore Beloved quilt you will feel as though you are truly and unconditionally loved for the person you are. The Beloved quilt comes with 100% down’s wool or 100% alpaca fleece fill. Both sides of this quilt are wrapped in an even mixture of ultra-soft Egyptian cotton and sensual long staple cotton. The fabric is covered with a beautiful flower pattern we designed ourselves, which makes this quilt even more unique. A gift for your beloved, or for yourself, Aumore Wool’s Beloved quilt will become one of your most cherished possessions.

All Aumore quilts are simple to maintain and store away easily. Keep them dry, and dry clean only. If you do decide to use an external quilt cover on top of your Aumore quilt, be very choosy with the quilt cover you use. It defeats the purpose to have a low quality quilt cover on top of such a high quality quilt!