Aumore Wool quilts are made with the highest quality natural materials in the world, yet are still quite simple and easy to take care of. If you treat your Aumore Wool quilt with the same love it provides you with each night, your wool quilt will last for a very, very long time.



Before Initial Use

Upon purchasing your brand new Aumore Wool quilt, you needn’t wash or launder. Simply air out the quilt in order to refresh and fluff up the downs wool fibres within. When packaged wool quilts are put under pressure or compressed for a lengthy period of time, this simple airing out process is the perfect remedy to bring the full springiness of the downs wool back into play.

As wool is a 100% natural product, it is our professional recommendation you regularly air out your quilt on nice, warm, sunny days with a gentle breeze blowing through the air. You can spray the quilt’s cotton cover with a small amount of water before hanging it onto your clothesline – another secret to keeping the quilt as fresh as possible.

Put simply, airing out your quilt on a regular basis is the key to making sure your quilt lasts as long as possible. We recommend washing the sheets/linen that regularly come in contact with the quilt, as a clean environment is better for both you and your Aumore Wool quilt. This habit will further extend the life of your quilt. We recommend always using premium quality quilt covers – if you choose to use a cover at all – our quilts are so soft, you may not want to cover them up!

Washing Your Wool Quilt

If on occasion you do decide to dry clean or wash your Aumore Wool quilt, please keep in mind wool doesn’t react very well to being overheated or pushed around/agitated too much. For these reasons, always tell your dry cleaner to limit the amount of heat they use on your quilt, and if you do decide to wash the quilt yourself (E.G. in a bathtub), then only use a maximum temperature of warm 40 degrees Celsius water.

Please note some stains such as sweat can become relatively permanent after being dry cleaned, so if you don’t want to risk this type of stain/don’t wish to wash your quilt at all, yet have a small stain on its fabric, you should use globally recognised Woolmark’s recommended spot-cleaning method.

The majority of potential stains including blood, sweat, urine, vomit, food, drink etc. can be dealt with by mixing one teaspoon of Woolmark-approved wool detergent and one teaspoon of white vinegar into one litre of warm water. Simply spray onto the affected area and softly dab outwards from the centre with a soft cloth. Rinse the cloth in the mixture as you go each time it becomes dirty.

Aumore Wool quilts come with a lengthy 10-year manufacturer’s warranty – literally unheard of in this industry. This is because skilled artisans who use the finest quality materials and machines produce our Aumore Wool products.

If treated properly, your Aumore Wool quilt should last even longer than this extended period of time. Please note our warranty only covers manufacturer’s faults. Wear and tear caused by misuse is of course not covered.