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Wholesale Premium Wool for Your Quilts & Blankets

Are you looking for wholesale wool online for your bulk orders? Aumore Wool has got this! We are Australia’s proven and tested wool supplier who know how to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

For quilts and under blankets, we deal in premium wool that is ideal for comfort and durability. Our flexible approach enables us to meet individual supply requirements for all our small and large clients.

Our strong industry knowledge, resources, and services empower us to source premium quality bulk raw wool for you at competitive prices. We work with highly skilled team members who are closely associated with every aspect of our business operations.

Our Speciality Products

Aumore Wool strives to provide an impressive alternative to European quality products through its world-renowned Australian Downs wool blankets and quilts. We are a reputable wool manufacturer that attempts to repay wildlife and nature for providing us with ‘loving warmth’.

  • Dorset Downs Wool : Aumore Wool aims to produce only the highest quality Australian Downs wool quilts. We source our Down Wool from local Australian suppliers meeting Australian-grown certification and Woolmark standard approval. Our experts discovered that Down’s wool is the best for bedding purposes.
    Our ultimate objective is to create products that never existed before in the world. We use carbonised wool, whereby the original colour of the raw material is retained. With our products, you’ll never find different coloured wool through the quilt cover.
  • Alpaca Fleece : At Aumore Wool, we source our Alpaca fleece from one of Australia’s highly awarded Alpaca farms. Alpaca fleece is ideal for quilts and under blankets as they are softer, lighter, and warmer than other natural fibres. The fibres offer excellent thermal qualities, meaning you do not need as much fleece to create exceptional warmth.

Why Work with the Leading Wool Manufacturers?

At Aumore Wool, we carefully select quality wool for all our products and ensure consistent deliveries. Our in-depth industry knowledge enables us to recommend and supply wool for our clients precisely.

We are known for our —

  • Quality Assurance: We work with superior fibre wool that is of maximum density and length. Compared to other processed wool, our products are natural and healthy.
  • Australian-made: We focus on even the minutest variations and details in quality. Our products are made from wool that is carbonised to ensure purity.
  • Exceptional Products: Combining state-of-art technologies with skilled human hands, we upgrade our luxury products to improve your quality of life.
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