Aumore Wool’s Woolmark certification and ‘Australian Made’ logo ensure the premium quality of our products. We love what we do, and our work proves it.



Aumore Wool is proud to have the Woolmark certification and wear the Woolmark logo on all of its wool products, including both wool quilts and wool blankets. A number of wool product manufacturers and suppliers say, ‘Australian Wool’ on their products, but this does not inform consumers whether or not the product is made of 100% wool fibres.

The Woolmark certification does just that, and in 2015 there were only 60 valid certifications across all of Australia. So, what is the difference between Woolmark certified and non-certified? As a consumer, the Woolmark logo lets you know you are receiving a 100% pure new wool fibre product that hasn’t been mixed with any other natural or artificial fibres.

Woolmark travels worldwide conducting random tests on wool products, both in factories and at the retail level. This organisation also tests care claims, E.G. whether or not a wool product is genuinely machine washable, dry cleanable etc. It is not unheard of for very poorly made wool quilts and wool blankets to shrink to an incredibly small size after being washed using the method inscribed on its care label.

Woolmark checks both packaging and labels to ensure sizes and other related product information is marked genuinely as described. Woolmark also tests the levels of chemicals in wool to ensure it isn’t potentially harmful to a person’s health.

Woolmark’s original name, International Wool Secretariat (IWS), formed nearly eighty years ago in 1937, and currently has three different brands – ‘Woolmark’, whose logo is used on 100% wool products, ‘Woolmark Blend’, for products containing 50% to 99% wool, and ‘Wool Blend’, whose products contain 30% to 49% wool fibres. The Woolmark Company is collectively owned by over 24,000 Australian woolgrowers, and exists to drive the research and development of the Australian wool industry, as well as to ensure consumers receive exactly what they expect from their wool products.

Aumore Wool is proud to be using only 100% wool as certified by The Woolmark Company. With Aumore Wool products, you know exactly what you are purchasing, which is an extremely important idea considering our products come in direct contact with your body for lengthy periods of time.

The Woolmark certification – just another reason, ‘Aumore means love’.

Aumore Wool luxury quilts and underblankets are proud to be ‘Australian Made’, manufactured in Australia, using 100% premium quality Australian Down’s Wool from sheep living on Australian farms.

Aumore Wool is extremely proud to have been awarded the coveted ‘Australian Made’ logo. The green triangle with golden kangaroo shows our products are genuinely manufactured onshore in Australia. A range of products sold both in Australia and exported overseas profess to be ‘Made in Australia’, but if they do not have this logo, authenticity cannot be guaranteed.

The Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) is a not-for-profit company established in 1986, under contract from the Australian Federal Government, while the Australian Made logo has existed for over 30 years since its inception in 1986. The ‘Australian Made’ logo is a certified trademark registered with the Australian Federal Government, first launched by former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. To use this logo on one’s product it must pass a strict set of rules as well as meeting necessary criteria in its associated Code of Practice.

To achieve ‘Australian Made’ status, the product must not only be packaged or assembled in Australia, but must be manufactured onshore. Research shows internationally Australia’s products have a reputation for having come from a clean, eco-friendly environment. Australia is renown for high health and safety standards, as well as for premium quality, innovative products. Global consumers readily identify the ‘Australian Made’ logo with genuine Australian products.

Aumore Wool luxury quilts and underblankets are proud to be ‘Australian Made’, manufactured in Australia, using 100% premium quality Australian Downs Wool from sheep living on Australian farms.