The following policy applies to all Aumore Wool products purchased from our eCommerce website located at



Shipping and Delivery

Aumore Wool is located in Melbourne, Australia. Please note all prices quoted on the Aumore Wool website, including any associated fees, are charged in $AUD. Aumore Wool delivers its products domestically and internationally, and can offer both air express and sea freight services depending on the client’s location and specific needs.


Once Aumore Wool receives payment for your products they will be dispatched within 48 hours. Larger orders may take a longer time to fill. Please contact Aumore Wool to determine estimated shipping times.

Note: Deliveries cannot be made care of hotels or P.O. Box addresses.


Orders can be placed via the Aumore Wool website at When placing an order on the Aumore Wool website you will need to complete specific required fields on the associated order form. All steps necessary for placing an order are detailed on the Aumore Wool website. Clients are responsible for paying any costs relating to the connection to our website.

Orders can also be placed in English via Aumore Wool’s client service team by calling (+61) 1800 353 898 between the hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) weekdays Monday to Friday.

Air Express

All domestic deliveries within Australia are free of charge – we pay the associated delivery fees for you. For air express deliveries to locations outside of Australia, Aumore Wool has a flat delivery fee of $60.00 AUD for major countries. If you are not located in a major country/area, Aumore may contact you if any more fees will be required to ship to your specific global zone.

Domestic Delivery Timeframes (within Australia)

Air express deliveries are made by Australia Post and take approximately 3 working days to major Australian cities, with additional days needed to reach regional locations.

International Timeframes (outside of Australia)

Air Express

Our shipping agent, Australia Post, takes approximately 4 days to reach major countries across the globe. Customs clearance times are dependent upon laws and regulations in the destination country. Products will be manufactured and dispatched within 48 hours of receiving an order. Those customers wishing to order 50 or more items should contact the Aumore office directly to discuss the amount of time required to dispatch the order.

Note: Duties and taxes may apply if the purchase amount is more than a specified value determined by each unique country. Aumore Wool will provide customers with a tracking number to ensure they are always aware of the exact location of their shipment.

Sea Freight

When shipped by sea, it takes approximately 20 days for a shipment to reach the majority of countries around the world. When purchasing large quantities, additional rules and regulations apply.

Aumore Wool provides FOB, CIF, and other trading options. Wholesale distributors should contact Aumore Wool’s general office to find out more details and in-depth information.


Customers or authorised parties located within Australia have the ability to collect their goods directly from the Aumore Wool factory in Melbourne if so desired.