Carissimi—High-quality Quilts That Make Great Sleeping Companions

Carissimi meaning ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ in Italian, is also the name of one of the greatest Italian composers of the 17th century known for his soft, pleasant music. Aumore Wool has created the Carissimi range of quilts filled with either 100% down’s wool or 100% alpaca fleece in a bid to bring that softness to your bedsides.

Fall asleep in instants with Carissimi quilts keeping you cosy and warm. Our quilts are covered with 100% combed soft long-staple cotton fabrics so that you don’t scratch or agitate your skin while twisting and turning in sleep. Furthermore, Carissimi quilt edges are hand-sewn to perfection, creating thinner edges that are smoother on your skin.

Buy World Class Quilts to Help Your Loved Ones Fall Asleep Faster

Who doesn’t like waking up fresh and fully rested? Twisting and turning all night trying to find the right position to sleep in can ruin your entire day. If you are having trouble sleeping or seeing a loved one struggling to get plentiful rest, purchasing a premium quilt might make all the difference in the world.

Are you looking for a quilt and quilt manufacturer that produces premium quality products in bulk? You are in the right place. Aumore Wool is a company that manufactures and supplies Australian-made quilts and quilt covers on par with Italian-quality bedding.

Wholesale Quilts and Quilt Covers of World Class Quality

Aumore Wool hosts an exquisite selection of bedding products produced using only the highest quality Australian downs. Despite the fact that all our products are sourced and manufactured in Australia, their quality and features are on par with world-class European bedding products.

Our quilt and quilt covers are available in different sizes and filling needs. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to bedding products. You might like soft bedding products, while another might want one that’s a bit more firm. In a similar fashion, depending on how heavy you want your bedding to weigh, you can choose from 300g per m2 to 600g per m2.

Why Buy From Aumore Wool?

Aumore Wool derives its name from the Latin languages word for love—‘amore’. Our firm strives to embody this concept in all our bedding products, which is why there is no production line in the Aumore factories. All our products are 50% made by hand under the constant care and supervision of our executives.

Through years of research and development we have developed the perfect combination of using skilled human hands and state-of-the-art technology to produce luxury products that will improve your sleep quality. Whether you wish to buy quilts and quilt covers at wholesale prices or are looking for a premium range of products to put you to a deep slumber like never before, Aumore Wool manufactures and supplies them all.

Send us an email at or call us at +61 1800 353 898 to get your questions answered right away!

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