Cherish the Caress of a Loved One With Premium Quilts

The touch of a loved one has the ability to put you at ease almost immediately. Isn’t it much easier to sleep when you have someone caressing you to sleep? While it’s impossible to replicate the caress of your loved ones, the Aumore Wool ‘Caress’ collection of premium quilts is made with utmost delicacy to caress your body in a way no quilt has ever before.

How Can an Australian-Made Quilt or Quilt Cover Make a Difference?

On some nights, falling asleep isn’t that easy. Have you found yourself up way past midnight twisting and turning, trying to find the right position or posture? Sound sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Every aspect of your bedroom from your mattress to your lighting has a significant impact on how quickly you fall asleep and your sleep quality.

If you have tried almost everything a person can think of and still can’t sleep peacefully, it’s time you gave Aumore Wool’s Caress Quilt a shot. Aumore Wool is one of the leading wholesale quilt and quilt covers suppliers using superior quality Australian down wools and world-class stitching techniques to create a premium range of bedding products.

Aumore offers bedding products of European qualities to the masses in Australia. Our warm, cosy, ultra-soft Australian-made Caress quilts and quilt covers will have you sleeping as soon as you jump into your bed.

Sleep Like Royalty

Aren’t you tired of getting interrupted while sleeping? One of the most common disturbances is a partner tugging on the blanket. After a rough day, nobody’s usually in the mood to play tug of war in their sleep. If you want to sleep like royalty without any worries about whether the blanket is large enough to cover both of you or not, buy Aumore Wool’s elite range of Caress Wool Quilts listed at wholesale prices.

Our range of quilts is available in 100% Downs Wool or 100% Alpaca fleece fillings. Wrapped in elegant Egyptian and Soft combed long-staple cotton, the Caress Quilts offer an extremely gentle texture for your skin. The quilt edges are hand-sewn to offer thinner edges that give you a smoother feel.

Why Buy From Aumore Wool?

Aumore Wool strives to create products with Australian-sourced products that offer world-class luxury and sophistication. Focusing on minute details and spending years in testing and researching, Aumore Wool has developed world-class bedding products to help you fall asleep in no time. Our production line uses the best combination of skilled human hands and state-of-the-art technologies.

If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why you should give Aumore Wool products a shot:

  • 100% Australian Sourced Raw Materials
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Easy Replacement or Refund for Any Major Failure
  • Products Are Simple to Maintain and Store Away Easily
  • Easy Repair or Replacement is Offered if the Product Fails to Be of Acceptable Quality

Get your sleep affairs in order and add a new dimension to your slumber with our luxurious bedding products. Despite manufacturing all bedding products like quilts in bulk, Aumore Wool doesn’t compromise on the quality of the products.

Send us an email at or call us at +61 1800 353 898 to get your questions answered right away!

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