Caress Wool Quilt – Australian Queen Size

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Beloved Wool Quilt – Australian Queen Size

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Carissimi Wool Quilt – Australian Queen Size

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Beloved Alpaca Quilt – Australian Queen Size

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Carissimi Alpaca Quilt – Australian Queen Size

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Caress Alpaca Quilt – Australian Queen Size

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Reasons You Should Opt for Wool Bedding

So you might have heard of wool bedding before, but what’s all the talk really about and what makes it so unique and different to polyester, feather or down bedding? There are literally hundreds of reasons why wool is taking over as everybody’s favourite. Here’s why:

  • Wool is the most beautiful and sustainable natural fibre there is.
  • Wool, like it does for sheep, naturally aids in regulating our body temperature.
  • We exclusively use fabric made of 100% pure wool.
  • Natural fibres promote restful sleep
  • Wool is ideal for people with asthma and many other allergy diseases since dust mites don’t live in it.
  • Wool is flame resistant, so you can sleep more soundly
  • Local wool procurement is environmentally friendly.

Drift Off Under a Cloud of Luxury with Our Wool Quilts

With our queen size wool quilts, you fall asleep in the lap of natural luxury. Utilise wool’s natural hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating properties to create the ideal sleeping environment. You can rest easy knowing your purchase was created ethically and responsibly with our traceable wool quilts. They’re also quite soft, so give them a try and find the perfect sleep environment with us.

The ideal beginning to a natural night’s sleep. All of the advantages of wool are still there in our Classic quilts, which are reasonably priced. 100% Australian wool is used as the filling for added comfort.

Finest Quality Wool Quilt – Queen Size

We have spent years analysing and testing many types of wool to determine which ones are the greatest for use in Wool quilt for a queen size, paying close attention to even the smallest details and changes in quality. Based on numerous testimonials from our customers, Aumore discovered down’s wool is simply the best wool for bedding.

Local Australian suppliers are used by Aumore to obtain its downs wool, which is supported by our “Australian grown” certification and Woolmark standard approval. There is a finite yield each year because this wool is only of the finest quality. The aim of Aumore is to develop quilts that have never been seen before.

Get a Comfortable Experience With Our Queen-sized Wool Quilts

Wool quilts must be filled with the highest possible wool, and their covers must be made from the finest cotton available. We’ve already done that. 100% cotton and wool from Dorset Downs are used in every Aumore quilt. So, Aumore quilts can be used without an external quilt cover if necessary. Even when sleeping bare, the experience is meant to be comfortable; we enjoy the way it feels. You’ll admire Aumore’s efforts if you’re as sensitive as we are!

Aumore goes above and above to ensure your comfort. This is why we select natural Downs wool. In the same way that wool can store moisture to regulate a sheep’s body temperature, a Downs wool cover placed over two different people may simultaneously regulate both of their body temperatures, even if one person is hot and the other is cold.

How can I pick the ideal product for my family or myself? If you need advice on making a decision, contact us. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist if you have any questions.

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