Carissimi Wool Quilt – Australian King Size

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Caress Wool Quilt – Australian King Size

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Beloved Wool Quilt – Australian King Size

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Beloved Alpaca Quilt – Australian King Size

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Carissimi Alpaca Quilt – Australian King Size

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Caress Alpaca Quilt – Australian King Size

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Australian Wool Quilt King Size to Get The Comfiest Bedding

A good night’s rest is crucial for your overall health and well-being. And it is only a cosy and comfortable bed that can provide you with a sound sleep. Wrap yourself in the soft warmth of cosy quilts and under blankets for sleeping soundly all year round. The night’s sleep determines the vibe of the following day.

Conditions such as itchy bed covers, bad pillows, or the extreme Australian climate can affect your sleep considerably. An Australian wool quilt king size is the ultimate bedding addition that can offer you the best sleep. At Aumore Wool, our quilts offer you adequate warmth and comfort for a genuine sleep.

Woollen quilts are primarily popular for being ‘allergy’ safe. At Aumore Wool, we handcraft the bedding to keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Our breathable Aussie wool quilts help regulate body temperature naturally by absorbing and distributing your body heat.

Soft Australian Wool Quilts to Enhance Sleep

Australian wool quilts are hypoallergenic. Dust mites often serve as the main trigger for allergy and asthma sufferer symptoms. The Lanolin in Australian wool is a dust mite repellant and offers you better sleep. Moreover, it helps alleviate common symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and an itchy throat.

When looking for a quality king size wool quilt in Australia, Aumore Wool is the best option. Being a natural fibre, wool breathes and absorbs water away from the body. It offers warmth evenly all through and creates a more comfortable sleeping environment. Wool quilts sit flatter, making them ideal for cooler months.

Our quilts are popular because —

  • Natural insulator — It regulates body temperature to keep you cool in the summer and warm during winter.
  • Creates a healthy sleeping environment
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Dust and fire resistant
  • Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Eco-friendly product

Many people believe quilts and blankets are just for the winter months. However, Australian wool quilts serve as natural temperature regulators. Wrap yourself with our king-size quilts in summer and eliminate that excess heat. On the other hand, use them to comfort yourself with some warmth during winter.

All across the world, Australian wool is considered to be of premium quality and lofty to give a comfortable night’s sleep. These quilts are widely popular for keeping your body temperature at the optimum level for sleeping all year round.

Why Opt for Aumore Wool Quilts?

Australian Wool is a naturally derived product. Experts working with Aumore Wool are knowledgeable and experienced in the field. They can carefully select quality wool for all your requirements. Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to supply and recommend wool for our clients precisely.

We are known for our —

  • Exceptional Products : Combining state-of-art technologies with skilled human hands, we upgrade our luxury products to improve your quality of life.
  • Australian-made : We focus on even the minutest variations and details in quality. Our products are made from wool that is carbonised to ensure purity.
  • Quality Assurance : We work with superior fibre wool that is of maximum density and length. Compared to other processed wool, our products are more natural and healthy.

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