Premium Wool Quilt Queen Size

Wanting to make your bed more comfortable for a good night’s rest? Aumore Wool’s wool quilt queen size is the perfect addition to make a cosy bed. Quilts with natural fillings, such as organic cotton and wool, have anti-allergenic properties. Thus, they are ideal for children and allergy sufferers.

Wool, an all-natural fibre, is truly nature’s miracle material. Owing to its unique wicking properties, wool can absorb moisture and draw it away from the skin to evaporate into the atmosphere. Wool quilts are known for managing your body temperature as you sleep, giving you the perfect sleeping environment.

Wool-filled quilts are something of a wonder. Besides regulating body temperature incredibly, they are hypo-allergic, breathable, and moisture-wicking. In short, they have the very power to transform your sleep.

Why Consider Our Woollen Quilts?

Wool is a natural fibre that is harvested from sheep. It has been used for millennia — people sew the material into their clothing and blankets for warmth and comfort. At Aumore Wool, our wool quilts are specifically designed to offer a lovingly comfortable sleeping experience.

Our ultimate endeavour is to ensure comfort in all possible ways. That’s why we use nothing but Downs wool for the quilt fill. Our quilts’ unique square-shaped pockets separate the wool equally, ensuring it never bunches up together.

Speciality of our products involves —

  • Natural Wool Fibre : All Aumore Wool quilts are made using Dorset Down’s wool and 100% cotton. That’s because the highest quality wool is crucial for the fill, along with world-renowned cotton for the cover to create lovingly warm quilts. You can use the quilts without the external cover.
  • Combed Cotton : Aumore Wool quilts contain combed cotton in quilt covers. Combed cotton is special because the procedure makes the cotton softer while making the fabric weave stronger. Moreover, the process eliminates impurities and shorter cotton fibres, forming finer and more compact cotton.
  • Cotton Quilt Covers : At Aumore Wool, we make quilt covers with the best cotton available in the market. Our experts are particular about the thread count in the quilt cover fabric. We never use man-made polyester or viscose as we do not want any unnatural product to touch the skin of our loved ones.
  • Carefully Sewed Edges : The covers of Aumore Wool quilts are carefully designed to be thin, unobtrusive and small. We use state-of-art sewing machines so that you cannot feel the sewn threads — it is uncomfortable when the thick edges of quilts rub against the sensitive areas of our bodies such as the neck. Our quilt cover tags are removable. Moreover, the quilt holding straps located inside the cover ensure the quilt doesn’t move around.

Why Aumore Wool?

At Aumore Wool, we have taken wool quilts to the pinnacle of comfort. We focus on the tiniest details and variations in quality. Our quilt and covers can rest upon two different people simultaneously yet regulate both their body temperatures separately.

However, we do not rest there. We know perfection is a work in progress, so we continually strive to enhance our products. Having spent years testing and analysing various types of wool to determine which is best, experts at Aumore Wool use only the superior wool fibres for our products.

We assure you that with us, you get nothing but —

Come to us for —

  • Exceptional Products : Aumore Wool strives to upgrade luxury products by combining state-of-art technologies with skilled human hands. We work with superior-quality fibres that are of maximum length and density.
  • Quality Assurance : Reinforcing our Australian-grown certification and Woolmark standard approval, we source our wool from local Australian suppliers.

Drop a mail at — for enquiries about products, customer support, and feedback, or call +61 1800 353 898 TODAY!

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